College Mission, Vision & Values

College Mission

Carteret  Community College serves and empowers our students and coastal community by providing high-quality education, workforce training, and lifelong enrichment in an innovative and inclusive learning environment.

(Approved by the Board of Trustees November 9, 2021)

The mission of Carteret Community College aligns with the purpose of North Carolina community colleges as stated in GS 115D – 1: to offer “courses of instruction in one or more of the general areas of two-year college parallel, technical, vocational, and adult education programs. . . . and of basic, high school level, academic education needed in order to profit from [such] education.”

Responsive to the needs of local business and industry, the College offers occupational training programs, including those designed to support tourism, marine occupations, and the legal and business professions. Unique to our service area are the College’s programs in health sciences, aquaculture, marine manufacturing and service, photography, respiratory therapy, and human services technology.

At the same time, the College contributes to the personal, social, and cultural growth of local citizens, and provides interested students with courses, which transfer to senior institutions. Over 10,000 local citizens use our facilities each year for entertainment, seminars, and public meetings. Through the system-to-system articulation agreement, students can attain the first TWO years of college at low cost, then transfer to any of the State’s universities.

The College is committed both to the open-door philosophy and to student learning and success. It recognizes that some individuals need to enhance their academic skills before they can achieve their educational goals. Therefore, the College maintains a system of mandatory academic skills testing and placement, allowing students to gain effective academic skills prior to beginning their chosen programs of study.

Performance goals of the College are listed annually in the College Planning Document and are assessed through statewide performance measures and the College’s Institutional Effectiveness Plan. In addition to the mission, the College operates according to the guiding principles of customer focus, continuous improvement and teamwork.

College Vision & Values

The Carteret Community College Vision is based on the pursuit of excellence in four dimensions:

An excellent learning college

An excellent resource for workforce development and quality of life

An excellent steward of the public trust

An excellent place to work

At Carteret Community College, we believe our purpose is to serve the citizens of Carteret County. To fulfill this purpose, we further believe our greatest assets are the people we employ. We the employees of Carteret Community College, united by common purpose, share these values:

Learning: We value lifelong learning for students and ourselves.

Service: We provide excellent service and help to the community and to each other.

Quality: We hold ourselves to high standards of quality in everything we do.

Creativity: We encourage each other to use our talents and abilities.

Integrity: We trust each other and are trustworthy in word and deed.

Diversity: We value and respect each person’s uniqueness.

Teamwork: We work together and encourage collaboration.

Honesty: We encourage open communication at all levels.

Commitment: We are committed to the goals and mission of the College.

Responsible Division: Office of the President
Signature/Date Approved: President 7/11/2016

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