Human Resources Development

To compete in a difficult job market, technical know-how may not be enough. The Human Resources Development (HRD) program teaches participants the skills needed to WIN the job they want! Academic training will increase your eligibility for a job, but you must possess the “employability skills” to effectively demonstrate to potential employers that you have what it takes to get, keep, and be successful in a job. The Corporate & Continuing Education Division (CCED) offers employability skills training at little or no cost. These courses are offered through the CCED HRD program.

The standard HRD employability skills training includes resumes, interview skills, the federal job search process, and the effective use of social media in the the job search. HRD classes also include interpersonal skills training such as work ethics, leadership, communications, and customer service. Interpersonal skills are critical when interviewing for a job and may possibly be the deciding factor for an employer.

Contact Betsy DeCampo at (252) 222-6116 or decampob@carteret.edu to find out how the CCED HRD program can help give you an advantage in your job search. Classes are held on a regular, recurring schedule all year OR a training session can be customized to fit the needs of a particular group. Remember – the classes are at little or no cost!

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