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Nursing Aide II (CNA II)

Prepares students to perform more complex skills in caring for the patient. Students must have a high school diploma or GED and have successfully completed Nurse Aide I and be currently on the Nurse Aide I registry before they are allowed to enroll in Nurse Aide II. Upon successful completion, the graduate may apply for certification through the N.C. Board of Nursing. Nurse Aide II packet available. Contact Helen Sullivan at sullivanh@carteret.edu or (252) 222-6019 for more information.

Course Fee: $180
Insurance Fee: $21.80
Book Fee: $122.23
Board Of Nursing Registration Fee: $24
Start Date
01-19-2021 | M/T/W | 4 – 8 pm | End Date 05-03-2021 | Wayne West Bldg., Rm. 122b
01-20-2021 | M/W | 8 am – 2:30 pm | End Date 04-19-2021 | Wayne West Bldg., Rm. 122b

Application Packet


Nursing Aide II Competency Assessment

The Nurse Aide Competency assessment program is available only for those Nurse Aide II’s who have an expired Nurse Aide II listing, currently on Nurse Aide I registry and meet all eligibility requirements in # 8 prerequisites competency assessment. All of the Nurse Aide II skills identified on the Nurse Aide II task list will be reviewed, assessed and successfully completed for the Nurse Aide II to be determined competent in the required complex nursing skills in caring for the patient according to the current teaching modules and skills checklists by the North Carolina Board of Nursing with emphasis on sterile technique, wound care, elimination, catheter care, ostomy care, irrigation and removal of fecal impaction, oxygenation including suctioning and trach care, alternate feeding nutrition such as G-tube feeding, etc. , peripheral iv assistive activities and Finger Stick glucose monitoring. This assessment may take place in the skill lab, in simulation, in a patient care setting, or a combination of these. Contact Helen Sullivan at (252) 222-6019 or sullivanh@carteret.edu for more information. Application to the state is $24 for certification upon successful completion.

Course Fee: $70
Book Fee: None
Application to State: $24

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