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Veterinary Assistant

This course prepares individuals to assist in a veterinarian practice. Topics include veterinary terminology, anatomy and physiology, proper handling and restraining of animals, obtaining and handling specimens, emergency care, nursing skills, pre-surgical skills, post-operative skills, and pharmacy skills. The class also covers conduct and laws, office management in reference to medical records, charting, detailed documentation, client communication skills, scheduling and admitting patients, basic invoicing, billing and payment on account procedures. Successful completion of this course will prepare one for employment as a veterinary assistant. Textbook: Veterinary Assisting Textbook by Margi Sirois.

Questions? Contact Rick McCormac at mccormacr@carteret.edu or 252-222-6203 for more information.

Course Fee: $180
Insurance Fee: $0.55
Book Fee: $110
Start Date
| M/W | 6 – 10 pm | 32 sessions | Wayne West Bldg., Rm. 114


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