Title IX Training

Title IX Training

Carteret CC endeavors to create and sustain a positive, responsive, and safe learning environment and a workplace free from sex discrimination. All of our employees and students are provided with training on creating a college campus free from sex discrimination. In addition, employees involved in resolving Title IX related complaints participate in additional extensive training for Title IX.

Carteret CC has partnered with SafeColleges for General Title IX and Sex Discrimination and Harassment Training. SafeColleges is a federally registered trademark of Vector Solutions, and all training material is copyrighted. For inquiries or access to training materials, please contact support@safecolleges.com.

The Title IX Coordinator, Deputy Coordinator, Investigators, Hearing Officers, Appellant Officers, and all Administrators have participated in additional Title IX training through Parker and Poe Attorneys and Counselors at Law. For inquiries on training materials, please contact Parker and Poe, 620 South Tyron Street, Suite 800, Charlotte, N.C. 28202. Parker and Poe have made training slides available to the public online. To access these training slides, click here.

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