Grade Replacement

Beginning with the summer 2003 semester, a course may be repeated for a higher grade, and the higher grade will replace the original grade in the calculation of the grade point average. The original grade on the transcript will be noted as a repeated course. A request for grade replacement must be submitted in writing to the Office of the Registrar.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

GPA is more important than you think. It affects Financial Aid, eligibility for Scholarships, program continuation, and program completion.

A GPA of 2.00 is equivalent to a “C” average at Carteret Community College. The grade of “D” or “F” will not transfer for credit here or to other institutions and some programs do not allow these grades at all.

If you want to calculate your GPA, the GPA Computation Help Document can guide you through, but always look to the transcript for the most accurate information.

Grade Reporting

Final grades will be posted on each student’s WebAdvisor account at the end of each semester or grading period. Any inquiries regarding the validity of grades should be directed to the instructor of the class. Grades and/or Grade Point Averages (GPA) will not be given over the phone as they are not considered directory information and distribution of this information would be a direct violation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. (FERPA)

Grading System

The quality point system is used to calculate all student academic standings. Individual instructors or programs of study may deviate from this standard. The letter grades used and explanations follow:

Carteret Community College has adopted a 10- point grading scale for all classes except those with other requirements governed by outside accrediting agencies. Please look at program information about each program in Academic Programs.

Letter Grades & Their Meaning

A – Excellent

B – Above Average

C – Average

D – Below Average “D” may not be transferable

F – Failed no credit hours or quality points, will not transfer

P – Proficiency, Pass, Satisfactory Completion– credit hours given; no quality points earned.

DP – Developmental Pass -credit hours completed, not counted in GPA; no quality points earned developmental courses – course numbers beginning with “0” only

R – Repeat required -developmental courses only

S – Satisfactory progress-short of completion.

I – Incomplete – no grade or quality points because of incomplete work. An “I” must be removed by the date indicated on the Academic Calendar of the following semester. If an “I” is not removed within the time allowed, the “I” will be changed to an “F”

AU – Audit – no grade or quality points earned

WD – Official Withdrawal – non-punitive, no grade or quality points earned

UW – Unofficial Withdrawal – considered a grade of “F” in calculation of grade point average

T – Transfer – credit hours awarded for course work completed with a grade of “C” or better from another regionally accredited educational institution or from another program of study within Carteret Community College; no grade or quality points earned

Numerical grade value may vary for different programs or courses.

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