Associate in Fine Arts – Visual Arts

Carteret CC’s Associate in Fine Arts (AFA) in Visual Arts program offers strong foundational instruction with an emphasis on visual literacy, technical skills, observation, critical thinking, and creative expression for those planning to pursue a major of study in the visual arts at the four-year level.

Every credit a student earns at Carteret CC in the Associate of Fine Arts- Visual Arts program will count toward their degree at any one of the 16 institutions in the UNC System, and Carteret CC has special articulation agreements with universities across the state and beyond for students who want to pursue a fine arts education at the university level. Students who successfully complete an AFA degree can transfer to a receiving school as a junior.

Degree & Pathway Completion Plans

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Where Can I Transfer?

Transfer Options

Looking to transfer to a university after you complete your degree at Carteret CC? Associate in Fine Arts – Visual Arts graduates can seamlessly transfer to any Bachelor of Fine Arts – Visual Arts program within the University of North Carolina (UNC) System. Take your pick!

NC Schools with BFA-Visual Arts Programs

There are seven BFA-granting institutions within the UNC system whose focus is on the visual arts, which include the following:

Appalachian State University – BFA in Studio Art
East Carolina State University – BFA in Art
UNC Asheville – BFA in Art
UNC Chapel Hill – BFA in Studio Art
UNC Charlotte – BFA in Art
UNC Greensboro – BFA in Studio Art
Western Carolina University – BFA in Art

To be eligible for the transfer of credits under the AFAVA to the BFA, Carteret CC graduates must obtain a grade of “C” or better in each course and an overall GPA of at least 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.

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Charles Jason Smith
Chair of Fine Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
Wayne West Building, Room 315C
Phone: (252) 222-6048
Email: smithc@carteret.edu

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