Technical Career Pathways

As Juniors and Seniors, students are eligible to participate in Career and College Promise (CCP). CCP offers students the opportunity to earn college credit, in addition to high school credit. By taking CCP courses, students can begin the process of earning a certification in their career of choice as well as earning transferable credits within the North Carolina Community College System. This program is available tuition-free and admission requirements apply. Students are responsible for any student fees and textbook costs.

The Technical Career Path offers high school students the opportunity to earn tuition-free course credits at Carteret Community College toward a certificate or diploma in a technical career. Listed below are the certificate and diploma pathways available. The Pathway Map shows the suggested coursework for grades 9-14 and outlines the potential for articulated credit. The Program of Study is a list of college courses that are eligible for dual-enrollment. Students must select one pathway and can only register for courses in that pathway.

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