Radiography Mission, Goals, & Outcomes

Radiography Mission Statement

Carteret Community College’s Radiography Program is dedicated to the delivery of a quality education in radiography through continuous program improvement and actualization of program goals while fostering life-long learning. Through an outcome-focused learning environment, the program will provide our healthcare community with competent, compassionate, professional entry-level radiographers who are prepared to sit for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) examination, secure employment in field, and engage in professional growth and development.


Students will possess the knowledge and clinical competency skills of an entry-level radiographer.

Outcome #1
Students will apply radiographic positioning knowledge and skills to accurately demonstrate the anatomy of interest.

Outcome #2
Students will perform radiographic exams in a time frame consistent with clinical standards.


Students will communicate effectively.

Outcome #1
Students will demonstrate effective oral communication skills in the clinical setting using age appropriate instructions and explanations on procedures performed in the clinical setting.

Outcome #2
Students will demonstrate written communication skills in the clinical setting.


Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills.

Outcome #1
Students will possess the knowledge and ability to adapt positioning skills to various patient conditions and clinical situations.

Outcome #2
Students will evaluate images for proper positioning, demonstration of anatomy and image quality and will make adjustments as needed to obtain a diagnostic radiograph.

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