Campus Wireless Information

How to Access the Wireless Network

All buildings at Carteret Community College have wireless access points. If you are in range of a wireless access point you will see the network name “CarteretCC”. (This name is also known as an SSID.) Once you select the CarteretCC network, it will ask you for a WPA key. The key is 2522226196.

After you have added the network to your device, open a web browser. It will redirect you to the wireless sign-on page.

For Students

Login – Everything before the @ sign in your student email (ex:susanh3456)
Password – The password for all your other college student accounts

For Faculty or Staff

Login – First Name, middle initial and the last four of ID number
Password – Same as you use to sign into your office computer and/or email

Carteret Community College offers free wireless access for the community

Look for the network CC Guest to connect. When opening an Internet browser you will be directed to wireless sign-0n page.

Please enter your email address and you will be able to browse the Internet.

NOTE: Your wireless connection will time out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

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