Information Technology Policy

Acceptable Use Policy: Carteret Community College computer resources are to be used for academic computing purposes relevant to coursework either in credit or non-credit courses offered by the college or one of our associated community clients. We ask that you adhere to the following procedures.

Computer use policy of Carteret Community College

Acceptable uses:

Using the account by authorized owner for authorized purposes including WebAdvisor accounts

Using the computer resources in a manner that respects the rights of others

Using the network in an appropriate manner, representative of the Carteret community

Unacceptable uses:

Using any computer resource for commercial or for profit purposes

Deliberately damaging or physically misusing equipment

No food or drinks are allowed in labs or at library workstations

No person shall download or distribute software from the Internet to be used on computers without the prior consent of the Information Technology department. Examples of such downloads are screen savers, wallpapers, games, webcams, shareware/freeware programs, and music and streaming video that is not course related.

Users are not permitted to engage in chat-rooms, instant messaging or threaded discussions on the Internet unless they are for legitimate academic use

Violations of federal and state law, including copyright regulations.

The viewing, downloading or printing of sexually graphic or suggestive materials can be grounds for disciplinary action for sexual harassment, including inappropriate text files or files dangerous to the integrity of the local or wide area network.

Installing, deleting and altering computer software on any computer without authorization from the Information Technology department and proper license.

Use of network for political lobbying.

Harassment, discriminatory remarks, and obscenities.

The deliberate waste of computer resources that unfairly monopolizes resources to the exclusion of others.

The Information Technology department will periodically monitor computers in all areas of the college. Violation of this computer use policy may result in disciplinary action, including loss of computer privileges.

Carteret Community College is a part of the North Carolina Community College system and is governed by the policies set forth by the Board of Trustees.

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