Employer Team Building Workshop

Carteret CC Offers Local Employer Team Building Workshop

Rogers and Company, PAMorehead City, N.C. (September 23, 2021) – Carteret Community College Corporate and Community Education sponsored a day long, interactive team building class for Rogers & Company, CPA and 30 of its employees.

The purpose of the workshop was to create an awareness of behavioral characteristics of effective team collaboration. During one exercise, employees participated in a fun culinary challenge where they were divided into teams and made homemade pizza. Each team was responsible for preparing the dough and sauce from scratch with minimal help from college instructors.  The exercise mimicked real-life teamwork challenges to demonstrate what it takes to create and maintain a harmonious and productive work environment. At the end of the challenge, each teams’ pizza was tasted and scored by a panel of judges.

“Companies, organizations, and boards regularly experience challenges related to effective teamwork and productivity,” said Betsy DeCampo, college Business and Industry Coordinator. “These challenges are caused often by personnel fluctuations or business model changes. Regardless of the cause, organizations frequently have a need to step out of their workplace ‘comfort zone’ and their traditional roles to reflect on behavioral characteristics indicative of effective collaborative teams. This interactive team building experience gives organizations the opportunity to participate in a fun activity that will alert them to the cohesive team behaviors which result in increased production and greater employee satisfaction.”

Team building classes are available to organizations and companies and customized to fit the company’s particular employee needs. Events and activities will address challenges in an active, fun scenario that will spur creativity, communication, and teamwork. The training also incorporates the principles of team building with a fun interactive exercise such as cooking, artistic welding, or model skiff building. Each exercise is facilitated by college instructors.

“Our team has worked nonstop since the beginning of the pandemic, helping our clients navigate months of uncertainty and they really need a break from the office to spend some time together and not talking about accounting,” said business owner, Will Rogers of Rogers & Company, CPA. “This was a fantastic experience for our team to spend some quality time together and learn more about each other under the supervision of amazing instructors who taught us how to work together in a fun and engaging way.”

Training outcomes will be determined by a participating company, but broad outcomes include enhanced communication between employees and between management and employees, increased productivity, greater job satisfaction, and an increased commitment to the mission and goals of the organization.

For more information, or to schedule your company’s customized team building workshop contact Betsy DeCampo at decampob@carteret.edu or 252-222-6116.



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