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Carteret CC Launches Apprenticeship Program

Pictured: Peter Grills, Dorean Knowles, Perry Harker, and Jerome Shepard

Morehead City, N.C. (February 1, 2023) – Last June the North Carolina legislature released approximately 13 million dollars to enhance and build the state apprenticeship program. As a result, Carteret Community College received approximately $18,000 and appointed Dorean Knowles, a student in the Hospitality program, as their first registered apprentice.

Shana Olmstead, Chairperson of Culinary, Hospitality, Baking & Pastry at Carteret CC, along with Peter Grills, General Manager of Beaufort Hotel, developed an ApprenticeshipNC-approved program that coordinates classroom and workplace learning to encompass all aspects of hotel management.

Knowles will receive a total of 4000 paid hours of on-the-job training with Beaufort Hotel while concurrently taking over 480 hours of related classroom instruction at Carteret CC. The grant will fully cover Knowles’ college expenses, as well as provide partial reimbursement to Beaufort Hotel for her first year’s salary.

Upon completion of the program, Knowles will earn an Associate of Arts in Hospitality, as well as a National Apprenticeship Credential in Hospitality. She plans on continuing her education to earn a bachelor’s degree in hospitality from UNC Wilmington with the goal of obtaining a higher-level hotel management position after graduation. “The smile the customer has when I’ve helped them is the biggest reward,” stated Knowles. “Being paid for providing a smile is just a bonus.” She is thankful for the apprenticeship opportunity and excited about the impact it will have on her future career plans.

To learn more about apprenticeship programs at Carteret Community College, please contact Jerome Shepard at (252) 222-6116 or shepardt@carteret.edu.


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