SBC receives $51k grant to help local businesses

SBC receives $51k grant to help local businesses

Small Business CenterThe Small Business Center located on the Carteret Community College Campus was recently awarded $51,724 to provide counseling to local businesses. In response to COVID-19 and the economic crisis, North Carolina’s General Assembly passed House Bill 1043, providing Pandemic Relief Funds to support Small Business Centers with the express goal of providing counseling and coaching services to businesses negatively affected by the pandemic.

Small businesses in Carteret County can contact the Small Business Center to schedule a free counseling appointment. During the initial call, the businesses will be asked what issues they are trying to navigate. The businesses will then be paired with local subject matter experts to receive one-on-one counseling in the specific areas they need help. The counseling is free to businesses.

“We are currently counseling 20 clients who are working with eight subject matter experts. The clients have received 93 hours of counseling at no charge,” said Brandy Bell, Small Business Center Director at Carteret Community College. “Businesses can work with experts in social media, taxes, finances, law, marketing, general business, human resources and funding, loans and loan packages. If a business has additional needs, we will find a local expert to help with their specific needs.”

Bell explained that the funds can be used to pay experts from anywhere in the country. However, her goal is to find local experts who can help Carteret County businesses.

“These counseling funds can not only help businesses receive expert advice about ways for their businesses to survive the pandemic, the funding helps pay local businesses to provide that expert advice,” said Bell. “This is local businesses helping local businesses. I can’t think of a better way to use this funding.”

Carteret Community College’s Small Business Center is part of the Small Business Center Network, comprised of 58 Small Business Centers throughout North Carolina that support the development of new businesses and the growth of existing businesses. If you are a business struggling and in need of free counseling, call the Small Business Center at 252-222-6123.

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