Special Credit Admissions

Visiting or just testing the waters?

We’re glad you’re here! Whether you’re visiting from another college or university, here for a summer class, or just want to take a course for personal enrichment we couldn’t be happier you chose Carteret CC. Students who wish to take a class without declaring a major or who don’t plan on completing a degree, diploma, or certificate from Carteret CC can be admitted as Special Credit/Visiting (non-degree seeking) students.

Are you…

  • visiting from another college or university
  • taking summer courses to transfer back to your primary college or university
  • taking courses for personal enrichment
  • taking courses to meet program requirements at another college or university

If you answered yes to any of the above, then please complete the following:

  1. Your North Carolina Residency Determination
  2. Carteret CC College Application (to achieve special credit)

Please be aware that Special Credit/Visiting students do not qualify for financial aid or veterans benefits. For courses requiring prerequisites, students may be asked to provide an unofficial college transcript to show prerequisite course completion.

Converting to Carteret CC Degree Seeking Student

Students wishing to change their status from Special Credit/Visiting student to a degree-, diploma-, or certificate-seeking student must complete the full admissions process.

If you need assistance, we’re here to help you along the way. Contact [email protected] or call (252) 222-6060. We look forward to seeing your application.