Life is best lived on the water.

The Boat Manufacture and Service Technology program prepares students for employment in the manufacture and service of boats. Students learn the basics of boat design and the implementation of those designs in various components and/or complete boats or yachts.

Course work includes reading and interpreting marine blueprints, manuals, and other documents common to the industry; lofting; constructing forms and mold-making; application of concepts and techniques in composite, and fiberglass; marine woodworking; interior finishing; and marine mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

Graduates may find employment with boat/yacht manufacturers, service yards, dealerships doing commissioning work, and companies doing custom boat building.

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Composite Boat | Diploma Completion Plan

View what classes you need and when you can take them to complete a diploma in Composite Boat Manufacturing.

Certificate Completion Plans Download

Certificate Completion Plans

The Boat Manufacturing & Services program at Carteret CC offers three (3) Certificate opportunities. View what classes you need and when you can take them to complete a certificate in Boat Manufacturing & Services.

  • Boat Building Certificate
  • Composite Boat Certificate
  • Marine Services Certificate


P1: Part Fabrication
Students will demonstrate the ability to successfully fabricate a composite Fiber Reinforced part to industry standards using basic “hand-laid” and “spray-up” methods.

P2: Understanding Lines Drawings
Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to apply a table of offsets to accurately create a set of lines drawings of a vessel.

P3: Shop & Tool Safety
Students will be able to demonstrate the abilities to properly set-up and maintain stationary shop tools by changing and sharpening blades to provide a safe working environment.

P4: Cost Analysis
Students will be able to interpret composite material costs through analyzing surface area, ratios and reinforcement weights.

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