Rising through the ranks

Lt. Commander Bill Geraty | 1999 Graduate

Lt. Commander Bill GeratyNavy Lt. Commander Bill Geraty, class of 1999 , completed his AAS degree in Paralegal Technology while serving in the Marine Corp as a court reporter. Geraty went on to earn his undergraduate degree and then served as an instructor at the Naval Justice School in Newport, RI. While teaching at Naval Justice he attended Roger Williams School of Law on full scholarship and earned a law degree. After passing the Connecticut bar exam he accepted a commission in the US Navy where he joined the JAG Corps.

As a JAG officer Geraty was deployed to Afghanistan where he trained Afghani legal professionals. Geraty is currently serving in Washington, DC as trial and appellate defense counsel in the JAG Corps.

“The only diploma I have on my wall is the one I got from Carteret Community College.”

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