Late Start & B Term Course Offerings

Miss the start of spring semester? Don’t worry! Carteret CC has courses starting January 25 and March 14. Available course offerings are listed below. Current students can sign up online through Carteret Compass or by visiting the MAPS Center. New students can apply online or visit Student Services to speak with an advisor.

Late Start | January 25 – May 10

CIS-110-306L Introduction to Computers MW 11:00-12:20
ENG-242-301L British Literature II MW 11:00-12:15
HUM-115-105L Critical Thinking Online
PSY-150-119L General Psychology Online
SOC-225-111L Social Diversity Online

B Term | March 14 – May 10

ACA-122-105B College Transfer Success Online
ART-111-104B Art Appreciation Online
AUT-181-001B Engine Performance I M-Th 12:30-2:45
BMS-117-001B Marine Spray Finishing TTh 1:00-3:30
CJC-120-101B Interviews/Interrogations Online
CJC-121-101B Law Enforcement Operations Online
CJC-221-101B Investigative Principles Online
ENG-111-111B Writing and Inquiry Online
MED-120-101B Survey of Medical Terminology Online
MUS-110-103B Music Appreciation Online
PSY-150-120B General Psychology Online

Why Carteret CC?

Learn local at Carteret Community College! At Carteret CC, students have a safe learning environment with everything they need to reach their goals. Carteret CC offers the BEST college value with over 35 programs of study. Students may take classes in-person, hybrid (both online and face-to-face), synchronous (log in to the live class session from home), and online (log in any time of day or night). Carteret CC offers university transfer opportunities, low-cost tuition, financial aid, and personalized support to accelerate your career path. A college education has never been so attainable. Learn local today with Carteret Community College!

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Have a question? A Carteret CC staff member is on standby to help you navigate your way through the application, enrollment, and advising process. Just use the link below to submit a request.

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Spring Semester

This spring pursue your degree, take a class, earn a few extra credits, explore a new career path, or advance your current career with more training. Don’t put off a better you any longer! Carteret CC is here for everyone. Learn more about the opportunities at Carteret CC today.

Regular Spring Schedule: January 10 – May 10, 2022

Late Start Schedule: January 25 – May 10, 2022

B Term Schedule:  March 14 – May 10, 2022


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