Who We Are

Founded in 1976, the Carteret Community College Foundation seeks and secures private funds to supplement Carteret Community College’s traditional revenue sources. The Carteret Community College Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation, organized under North Carolina statutes, and granted tax exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service. The Carteret CC Foundation is governed by an independent board of directors.

Board Of Directors

Dr. Michael Gooden, Chair

Mrs. Jillian Farrington Lister, Vice Chair

Dr. Tracy Mancini, Secretary

Mr. Chris Mashburn, Treasurer


Ms. Wanda Bennett

Mr. Hunt Brasfield

Dr. Cynthia Chamblee

Mr. Jeremy Dickinson

Mr. Lynn Eury

Ms. Linda Gould

Mr. Eric Gregson

Mr. John Humphries

Mrs. Averi Linderman

Ms. Jo Ann Mangum

Ms. Sherrill Moraven

Ms. Wendi Oliver

Ms. Charlotte Post

Ms. Mary Prager

Ms. Heather Sanderson

Ms. Denise Wilder Warren, NACD.DC

Mr. Bill Weinhold

Ms. Penny Hooper, Trustee Liaison

Emeritus Board Members

Mr. Gene Garner

Mr. A.C. Hall

Mr. Glenn Macfadden

Mr. Floyd Messer

Foundation Staff Contact Information

Executive Director

Assistant Director

Grants Coordinator

Events & Sponsorship Coordinator

Donation & Resale Program

Captain Wes Daniels, Program Coordinator
(252) 222-6222

Rodney Brake, Program Technician
(252) 222-6222

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