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Spring 2022 Class Schedule

In addition to traditional academic offerings, Carteret Community College provides a wide variety of workforce and personal development opportunities that serve distinct local needs and interests. A full range of cost-effective, on-site, on-campus, and online education and training programs are available to strengthen the local workforce, increase managerial effectiveness, enhance productivity, and contribute to the economic development of the region.

These courses and programs are designed to prepare employees for 21st century technologies and career paths, as well as provide personally enriching learning experiences for students 16 years old and above. Carteret Community College’s faculty and staff members work with community and business leaders and advisory boards in developing and implementing the following:

Courses, workshops, seminars, and customized training for individuals and groups

Workforce and professional development opportunities with dynamic, flexible services adaptable to the needs of students at all levels and ages (16 and above)

Intellectually stimulating learning opportunities for senior citizens

Online courses, using Internet and Web-based software readily available and adaptable to students’ overall education and training plans

Corporate & Community Education Classes

Whoever you are and wherever you are in your career/life, learning will always be a step that leads to growth. Whether you’ve come to Carteret Community College for pleasure, or need training to get where you want to be professionally, we have something for you.

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Corporate & Community Education Registration

A major objective of Carteret Community College is to provide quality education at the lowest possible cost for students. Registration fees paid by students are kept at a minimum and do not represent the total operating expenses of the College.

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Online Classes

Do you want to upgrade your skills, but don’t have the time to fit a traditional, on-campus class into your schedule? Carteret Community College offers continuing education courses over the internet. Enroll and study in the privacy of your own home.

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Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship is an employer-based program that helps workers learn specialized skills needed in today’s work environment, combining on-the-job learning with related classroom instruction. Students earn nationally recognized credentials, while employers develop a talented team and close the skills gap.

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National Career Readiness Certificate (CRC)

The National Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) is an assessment-based credential developed by ACT Inc. (the same organization that developed the SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc) to help employees gain skills and to help employers make better decisions during the hiring process.

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Corporate & Community Education Scholarships

Several scholarship opportunities are available for students seeking funds for Continuing Education classes at Carteret Community College. These scholarships are need-based but do not require FAFSA documentation.

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Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

Established to assist youth, adults, and dislocated workers in retraining and obtaining employment, WIOA offers a mix of employment, training, and job placement services. Participants may access Individual Training Accounts to assist with tuition, fees, books, supplies, and accident insurance. On-the-Job Training contracts may be available for suitable candidates.

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Corporate & Community Education Refund Request Form

For occupational classes that meet FOUR TIMES OR LESS, a 75 percent refund shall be made on the first day of the class. For classes that meet FIVE OR MORE TIMES, a 75 percent refund shall be made if the student officially withdraws from the class prior to or on the official 10 percent point of the class. There are NO refunds of registration fees for Life Enrichment courses or workshops. A student who officially withdraws in person and completes a “Request for Refund” form in the CCED office prior to the class meeting is eligible for a 100% refund.

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