Congratulations, you’ve made it to graduation! It’s been a long road with many challenges, but you persevered and committed yourself to reaching this monumental goal. You should be very proud of yourself. We certainly are.

Please review this page carefully. Students MUST apply for graduation by APRIL 14, 2023 to be eligible to walk in the ceremony on May 12, 2023. Below you will find helpful FAQs to guide you through this process. Once again, congratulations! We can’t wait to see what else you go on to accomplish.

Graduation General Requirements

The student will…

Complete all required coursework

Earn a 2.0 major GPA both in the program and overall

Complete a minimum of 25% of the program of study’s total semester hours at CCC.

Program Specific Requirements are available in the Academic Information section of the Course Catalog under Graduation Requirements.

Graduation FAQs

Deadline to Apply - APRIL 14, 2023

All eligible students wishing to walk in the graduation ceremony MUST apply for graduation no later than WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14, 2023.

Students must apply by the April 14, 2023 deadline to be listed in the graduation program and receive tickets for guests to the ceremony.

Apply for Graduation

If you are a 2023 spring or summer completer you must complete the graduation application by April 14, 2023 to be eligible to walk in the May 12, 2023 graduation ceremony.

To apply for graduation follow the steps below:

  1. Login and Apply through Carteret Compass
  2. Click on the Graduation Overview tab
  3. Select your program and answer the questions
  4. Students are required to complete the graduation survey under the Graduation Overview tab

Congratulations, you have successfully applied for graduation!

December 2022 Graduates

If you graduated in December 2022 you MAY walk in the graduation ceremony on May 12, 2023 by completing the Fall 2022 Completion Application below. Completed forms are due by April 14, 2023 and may be emailed to registrar@carteret.edu or hand delivered to the Registrar Office in the McGee Building Office 119.

Fall 2022 Completion Application

Type of Ceremony

The May 12, 2023 graduation will be a traditional ceremony held in the Crystal Coast Civic Center at 4 p.m. Graduates will walk across a stage to receive their diploma in front of family, friends, faculty, and staff.

Graduation When / Where

Graduation will take place on May 12, 2023 in the Crystal Coast Civic Center.


Student arrival & check-in: 2 p.m. second floor Civic Center

Guest arrival/Event doors open: 3 p.m. Civic Center

Ceremony begins: 4 p.m. (on average the ceremony takes 1-2 hours)

Guest Tickets


Each graduate may receive up to FOUR (4) tickets to the graduation ceremony for guests. Children and infants do require a ticket. All persons count towards the Civic Center’s total occupancy per fire code.


Requesting tickets
Students must make the request for tickets by April 14, 2023 and can do so when they apply for graduation through Carteret Compass.

Ticket Pick-Up
Tickets will ONLY be available for pick up from the the Registrar Office in Room 119 of the McGee Building on the following days:

  • Monday, May 8
  • Tuesday, May 9
  • Wednesday, May 10

Tickets will not be available for mailing or pick up after May 10th. Any tickets not picked up by May 10th will be distributed to extra ticket lotteries. Tickets will not be held for the day of ceremony pick up.

Extra Tickets
A lottery will be held to distribute extra tickets if any remain.

Ceremony Overflow
Guest who attend in-person without tickets may watch the graduation ceremony from Joslyn Hall in the McGee Building where it will be live streamed.

Cap and Gown


Use the link below to order and pay for your cap and gown. Orders will be shipped to the home address you provide. Last day to order caps and gowns online is April 12th.

Order Your Cap & Gown

  • Caps and gowns are available for $44.00 in the campus bookstore.
  • Approximate cost for Cap & Gown will be $38.00 plus shipping (~$12.95)  Caps come with a school tassel. Additional tassels will be $6.00 (Fees subject to change).
  • The campus bookstore will have Veteran cords and stoles available for purchase.
  • Honors tassels are provided to qualified students by the Awards and Graduation Committee.



Students may borrow a cap and gown by submitting a request to registrar@carteret.edu. Caps and gowns are required to be returned prior to diploma being issued.



Students who purchase their own caps may decorate them. Decorations may not depict or contain profanity or illicit content, to include drugs, paraphernalia, or weapons.

Health Science graduates may wear their stethoscopes.

Culinary graduates may wear their chef caps.

Honor Cords

Honor cords are award as follows:

  1. Veteran – Students will answer the Veteran question under the graduation tab through Carteret Compass. A Veteran status will be verified through Brenda Long. Cords will be issued day of graduation at student check-in.
  2. Phi Theta Kappa – Awarded during the induction ceremony Tuesday, April 5. Other pick up information will be sent to applicable students. No PTK cords will be awarded the day of graduation
  3. TRIO – See Melanie Reels in Trio or contact 252-222-6239
  4. C-STEP – See Clay Bochnovic or contact 252-222-6061
  5. National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) – Please see Shelby Way
  6. Sigma Kappa Delta – Please see Michael Bowen or contact 252-222-6232
  7. HSE – Please see Kathy Foster or contact 252-222-6287
  8. Black History Committee –  Please see Vonda Godette for graduate stole or call 252-222-6168

Qualifying for Honors

Students graduating with a grade point average of 3.5 or higher in their major program of study will be recognized during the graduation ceremony and their degree, diploma, or certificate will bear a gold honors seal.

Live Stream Viewing

The graduation ceremony will be live streamed and available to the public on the college’s website. Guests who attend in-person without tickets to the graduation ceremony may watch the live stream broadcast in Joslyn Hall.

Diploma Covers

  • One (1) per student given at the graduation ceremony; or
  • One (1) per student at pick up

**Diploma covers are not available for mailing**

Disability Service Requests

Accommodations are available for disabilities at the graduation ceremony on May 12, 2023.

Students may request disability services under the graduation tab through Carteret Compass. For further questions or assistance please contact Allison Daniel at 252-222-6237.

Students may make a disability request for family and friends under the graduation tab through Carteret Compass. For further questions or assistance please contact Allison Daniel at 252-222-6237.



Personal Items

Carteret Community College is not responsible for personal items of graduates or guests. It is recommended that graduates leave all personal items in their car or with a trusted member of their family.


Restroom facilities are located in the lobby of the Civic Center and in the lobby of the McGee Building.

Electronics / Social Media

We ask all graduates and guests place their phones on silent during the ceremony. Graduates are asked to refrain from using their phones for calls, videos, and/or photos while walking across the stage.

Bookstore Hours

The campus Bookstore will be open during the graduation ceremony.

Food / Beverages

Graduates may bring a water bottle to their seat during the ceremony. No food permitted.

Graduation Photos

A professional photographer will take a picture of each graduate as they walk across the stage and shake the college president’s hand. Photos will be available for download the week following graduation from the College website.


Fall Graduates may pick up their diplomas beginning the week of January 16, 2023.

Graduates may pick up their diplomas beginning May 22, 2023 from the Registrar’s Office in McGee Room 119. Diplomas that are not picked up by June 2, 2023 will be mailed to the graduate’s address on file.

Graduation Attire

Students are required to wear a graduation gown during the ceremony. Please wear appropriate clothing you will be comfortable in underneath your gown.

COVID-19 / Face Masks

Face masks are not required at graduation at this time. *SUBJECT TO CHANGE*

Following the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the State of North Carolina, Carteret Community College has removed the requirement for face coverings on campus but encourages everyone to continue wearing masks when indoors on campus. The most current information regarding COVID-19 college practices can be found on the college’s website.

How to Apply for Program Completion & Graduation

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