Want to transfer to a university? Carteret CC is here to help you get there.

Completing two years at Carteret CC will not only save you money but will also help you build a solid academic foundation. We work with universities across North Carolina and beyond to make sure that your time here is well spent and that your transition to the next level is seamless.

Check out our university transfer programs below:

Opportunities to transfer and receive credit at any one of the 16 institutions in the UNC System and beyond are available to students who successfully complete one of the degree programs listed below.

Special Transfer Programs

At Carteret CC we offer several special transfer programs that with successful completion guarantees admission to the affiliated four-year university. Check them out below!


The Carolina Student Transfer Excellence Program (C-STEP) provides opportunities for students to aid in the transition to UNC-Chapel Hill, which include special events, advising, and support services at Carteret CC and at Carolina.

Pirate Promise & Partnership Teach

Dream of becoming an ECU Pirate? Carteret CC offers two special transfer programs with East Carolina University. Explore both Pirate Promise and Partnership Teach to find out which program best fits you and your educational and career goals.

Pathways to Excellence

The Pathways to Excellence Program is an exclusive opportunity for students who are interested in guaranteed admission to UNCW.  Students will have access to a dedicated UNCW Transfer Student Success Advisor, attend an annual Open House and waived application fee.

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