Our Impact

Carteret CC people make our community a better place

Higher education, builds better communities. When you give to the Carteret CC Foundation, you give to your community. Whether your gift funds student scholarships, strengthens programs, enhances facilities or addresses other needs – every dollar donated to the Carteret CC Foundation is a commitment to a better future for the community of Carteret County.

Giving Priorities

The Carteret Community College Foundation seeks to support priority needs as identified by the College’s leadership.

Student Support

By supporting scholarships, donors allow students to explore their potential to the fullest without worrying about how to pay. Donations are sought to fund annual and endowed need-based scholarships. With the increase in enrollment of military veterans, the College has also created the Veterans Student Services Center for this deserving student population.

A minimum of $500 per academic year will start an Annual Scholarship; a minimum of $10,000 will establish an endowed scholarship. For more information contact Brenda Reash (252) 222-6262 or reashb@carteret.edu.

Program Support

The College offers undergraduate and technical programs in nearly 35 fields of interest. The Foundation seeks support to enable the College to attract and retain outstanding instructors. Gifts are also needed to secure state-of-the-art equipment and technology to support the ongoing development of courses and continued professional development of employees to provide students with the highest quality education and training.

Future Workforce

The College is committed to developing a skilled, educated workforce to support regional economic growth and to provide individuals a way to change their quality of life with a meaningful career opportunity. Support is sought to improve current programs and to develop new programs that address the local needs of Carteret County.

Areas of Greatest Need

The decline in state public funding has increased the importance of unrestricted funding, which provides the College with greater flexibility to strengthen areas of greatest need and respond to unexpected opportunities or challenges. This flexibility only comes from generous gifts to the Foundation that allow the College to maintain facilities, upgrade technology, acquire instructional equipment and materials, among other needs.

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