Information Technology Department (IT)

The Information Technology Department is dedicated to delivering high quality technical service to the students, employees, and community. It is our goal to continuously meet the technological needs of all students, staff, faculty, and visitors.

IT Support Services

We offer direct support to employees and student through the Help Desk. Support hours are Monday – Friday 8-5 on days the college is open. Summer hours we are closed Fridays.

We provide new employee or students a login ID and password to access computers, email, and web portal.

We assist in resolving hardware, software, and connectivity issues in all campus buildings.

We support and maintain software and computers throughout the college, including computer labs.

We preserve data integrity in our network environments.

We work with faculty in support of technology enhanced classes.

If you need assistance using Moodle features or a problem with a Moodle feature, contact the DL help desk via phone or email at (252) 222-6397 or dl@carteret.edu.

Campus Wireless Information

All buildings at Carteret Community College have wireless access points. If you are in range of a wireless access point you will see the network name “CarteretCC”.

View How to Access The Wireless Network

Carteret CC Student Email Information

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own Carteret Community College Microsoft e-mail for all of your educational and college communication? Carteret CC is pleased to offer student e-mail.

Student Email Information

Video Help Tutorials

These Tutorials are meant to help both new and continuing students access resources within the Carteret Community College website. You will find a Password Reset video tutorial, as well as a instructions to download the Microsoft Office Suite.

View Video Tutorials

Information Technology Policy

Acceptable Use Policy: Carteret Community College computer resources are to be used for academic computing purposes relevant to coursework either in credit or non-credit courses offered by the college or one of our associated community clients. We ask that you adhere to the following procedures.

View The Information Technology Policy

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