Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association (SGA) is “your voice” and “your advocate.” The SGA consists of the Executive Board and the Student Senate. Every Activity-Fee paying Carteret Community College student is a member of the SGA and is represented by a voting senator from each curriculum area or a representative from each student organization, and two ex-officio members from the Basic Skills programs.

The SGA offers members the opportunity to build leadership and communication skills, to learn work-related responsibilities, and to create an efficient/effective office environment. SGA members participate in community and student service programs, SGA conference meeting, intercollegiate contests, student activities, socials, and public speaking events.

The Executive Board and Student Senate meet twice a month.

Elections for curriculum area Senators and Club Representatives to the Student Senate take place the last Thursday of August. If you are interested in becoming a Senator/Club Representative please contact your curriculum coordinator or club advisor.

2018 – 2019 SGA Executive Board Members & Advisors

President – Jarrett Yeomans
Vice President – Kayla Barrow
Secretary – Micheal Priest
Treasurer – Alicia Hojara
Public Information Officer – Vacant
SGA Administrative Advisor – Gabriel Raynor
Faculty Advisor – Vonda Godette
Faculty Advisor – Trisha Miller

Contact Information

Student Government Association
Donald W. Bryant Student Center, Room 3113
(252) 222-6269

Gabriel Raynor, Student Life Coordinator
McGee Building, Room 3113
(252) 222-6253