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You should always consult with an academic advisor before you register for classes to determine a schedule that fits with your academic goals. At Carteret Community College we offer several ways for you to connect with an advisor.

  1. Visit the MAPS Center!
  2. Email the MAPS Center questions or connect with an advisor at MAPS@carteret.edu
  3. Call with questions: (252) 222-6236

Search for Courses and Classes

How to Register:

Current Students

Summer/Fall 2022 registration opens March 16. Current students should meet with their Academic Advisor to have their registration flag removed, allowing them to register through Carteret Compass.

New Students

Carteret CC Student Services is open in the McGee building, and we are waiting to help you with admissions, financial aid, or just questions you may have about becoming a college student. By coming to our offices, you will get one on one attention from our staff who can help you with all of your college or career questions. Walk-ins are always welcome! This is the best way to get started on your journey; however, if you will not be able to come to campus, please fill out an interest form, and the department who can meet your needs will reach out for a phone or virtual appointment.

Returning Students

Students who have had a break in enrollment of 3 consecutive fall and spring semesters must complete a new application and meet any admissions requirements for that academic year and program prior to seeing the Academic Advisor. The students program year will change and therefore requirements will change depending on when the student reapplies. To register, the student must contact their assigned Academic Advisor to remove the registration flag, allowing registration through Carteret Compass.

Registration Information

For Registration Dates and Times please review the Academic Calendar.

Things to Remember:

  • All student registration is achieved via Carteret Compass.
  • All students must see their Academic Advisor prior to registering

Please Note:
If you are interested in taking Adult High School or High School Equivalency (HSE), please call the Basic Skills office at (252) 222-6195 or non-credit courses (basic computers, Art, Notary Public, certified nursing assistant, etc.) contact the Corporate & Community Education Division at (252) 222-6200.

Registration Policies


Students auditing classes at the College are required to pay the same tuition and fees as students receiving credit for course. A course can only be audited twice. This regulation applies to both resident and nonresident students. To officially register to “audit” a course, the same registration procedures apply as if the course is being taken for credit. The Approval to Audit form must be completed and signed by the student before registering.

Registration or changes in registration for audits must be completed by the 10 percent point of the semester. Only two grades will be issued for a student who audits a course: A “WD” will be issued for a student who withdraws or an “AU” will be issued if the student completes the course. Participation in class discussion and examination is at the option of the instructor. Students auditing classes must attend at least one class meeting on, or before, the date representing the 10 percent point of the class or the instructor will complete a Drop Notice. The student will then be dropped from the class roster and cannot attend classes. A student auditing a course who satisfies the 10 percent attendance requirement will have no further attendance requirements. Students may not audit cooperative work experience courses.

Independent Study

Under certain circumstances, a course may be taken on an independent study basis. The student must contact their Academic Advisor and the and the chairperson for details on requesting approval to take a course by independent study. The decision to allow independent study will be made by the student’s Academic Advisor and approved by the appropriate Academic Dean before the 10 percent point of the semester. Veteran and veteran dependents must also obtain approval through the VA Certifying Official.

Independent Study students are required to complete timesheets for all hours, including those spent online through Moodle or any other venue, up to the total number of contact hours required for the course. (The College Catalog details the contact hours required for each course which can include class, lab, and work experience/practicum hours.)

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