Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional effectiveness (IE) at Carteret Community College is a systematic, integrated, and ongoing process of planning and assessing institutional performance through regular: review of the college’s mission, goals, and outcomes; evaluation of programs and services; assessment of outcomes across all institutional units; and use of data and assessment results to inform decision-making.

Carteret Community College is committed to the continuous improvement of its programs and services to increase student success and institutional quality.

The purpose of IE’s website is to: provide commonly used data in an easily accessible form; disseminate focused reports intended to enrich our collective understanding of the effectiveness process: and facilitate IE’s mission – to support institutional planning, decision-making, and improvement through a comprehensive, integrated program of assessment, evaluation, and research.

Kristy Craig
Executive Director, Institutional Research & Effectiveness
Phone:(252) 222-6290

Research & Reports

These reports are the collection, analysis, and communication of institutional data to support planning, evaluation, assessment, and management.

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Carteret Community College’s Assessment Plan provides quantitative and qualitative data to support the Institutional Effectiveness Plan, the Strategic Plan, and other institutional evaluation processes. The following data sources are used to support the college’s ongoing assessment plan.

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Program Review

The purpose of Carteret Community College’s Program Review process is to determine the college’s effectiveness in fulfilling its mission, improve the quality of programs and or services offered, and demonstrate strategic planning and evaluation of all areas of the college.

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Strategic Plan

Annually, each department identifies action steps, including benchmarks and assessment measures that align with their Unit Goals. Action steps and Unit Goals are prioritized and, where appropriate, associated with the North Carolina Community College System Performance Measures. These priorities are reflected in each department’s annual budget.

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Human Subjects in Research

Carteret Community College encourages and supports the scholarly endeavors of its students, faculty, and staff, as well as other educational institutions and organizations. The College acknowledges pursuit of scholarly research will often involve the use of human subjects for data collection and analysis. In conducting such research, it is necessary to ensure that the rights and welfare of human subjects are protected.

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